PO Box #457 Sturtevant, WI 53177

PHONE : (262) 880-5301

FAX : (262) 886-1266


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A Typical Day at Club

In the Morning...

We start out every day with breakfast snacks and coffee. As everyone arrives, guests and volunteers chat about their lives and recent events around the tables.  We also will do crafts or word searches and puzzles.

In the Late Morning...

As an entire group, we get into a social circle where we will play games like bean bags or bocce ball or participate in volunteer-led light exercises.

At Noon...

We enjoy a homemade lunch and dessert that is prepared by our volunteers or from Meals on Wheels.

In the Early Afternoon...

The hour following lunch includes entertainment.  This time can include anything from squeezebox and piano players to dog agility performances to Irish dancers.  All entertainers volunteer their time to share their talents with our guests and volunteers.

In the Late Afternoon...

Following entertainment, we gather around tables to enjoy games of bingo and have a snack.  The day ends as caregivers arrive to pick up their loved ones.