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Our Guests, Our Volunteers, & Our Caregivers

For us, the "our" in Our Harmony Club is not just part of our name, it is part of who we are!  The first word in the organization's name was chosen because, first and foremost, the program would not be possible without each and every person that is involved.  Our guests feel a sense of community and belonging when they attend our locations.  They spend their day surrounded by friends and peers and actively engage in activities throughout the day.  Our volunteers genuinely take ownership and pride over the work they do and the services they provide.  For them, it is more than just 6 hours of volunteering, it is 6 hours of truly making a difference in someone's life.  Our caregivers connect with the volunteers and Director and form a bond that is integral in their caregiving experience.  They know that they can count on the affordable respite care and those involved with it to support them and provide the time they need to return rejuvenated.


Below are some of the things our people are saying about us!

From the very first time I brought my mother to Our Harmony Club, I have been impressed by the attentiveness, helpfulness and kindness of the volunteers. You truly are a blessing to both the participants and their caregivers.  When I leave the site, I relax knowing that my mom will have a great day and I can fully enjoy my time off with that confidence.

- Lorrinda, Caregiver

My mom LOVES her "Harmony Days".  I have seen a huge transformation in her!  I am very appreciative I can get a little of my mom back!

-Suzanne, Caregiver

I have seen so much more life in [my father] since going to your program.  Thank you so much for making it our club, our family!

-Guy, Caregiver

I enjoy [Our] Harmony Club.  I feel that I have found my niche in my volunteer service.  They (guests) have brought me so much joy.

-Mary Louise, Volunteer

You always welcome my husband with open arms and bright smiles.  Providing care is twenty-four hours a day.  The peace that envelopes me when I leave my  in your care is a husband heart-felt treasure.

- Judy, Caregiver

You always welcome my husband with open arms and bright smiles.  Providing care is twenty-four hours a day.  The peace that envelopes me when I leave my in your care is a husband heart-felt treasure.

- Judy, Caregiver

[Our] Harmony Club provides a wonderful opportunity for socialization and community that would not be available without it. We are very grateful to have [Our] Harmony Club.


Your volunteers are very friendly. They work with my husband's particular issues very well. They make both of us feel at ease. Thank you for everything you do!

-Helen, Caregiver






Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!   I look forward to club day.  To know that she is safe and having an enjoyable day makes it easy to enjoy my day.


I love working at Our Harmony Club and interact with everybody.

-Grete, Volunteer

This group has been a Godsend.   The volunteers have been caring, compassionate, and very friendly for both Mom and me!

-Jean, Caregiver

Having had a parent with dementia who lived with us, I want to help "pay it forward".

-Carla, Volunteer

Our Harmony Club is a rewarding experience for me. Time spent with others is uplifting for you.

-Karen, Volunteer

I appreciate so much having a safe place to leave my dear husband a couple times a month so I can get my hair done, have lunch with a friend, or just do nothing.

-Marge, Caregiver