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Our Harmony Club is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit providing social day programs for elderly members of our community who have age-related challenges, or be socially isolated.  

Our Harmony Club offers 6 hours of affordable respite care for caregivers while their loved one spend a day playing games, doing crafts, singing and so much more with our volunteers!


6 hours for $45.00 a day

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Meet our Director

The few but the mighty! One thing that you will quickly notice is that we have an extremely small team running the nonprofit.  However, we think we have some of the best people out there! So please read our bios and find out more about us and our Board of Directors.


Our caregivers connect with the volunteers and Director and form a bond that is integral in their caregiving experience.  They know that they can count on the affordable respite care and those involved with it to support them and provide the time they need to return rejuvenated.


Our guests feel a sense of community and belonging when they attend our locations.  They spend their day surrounded by friends and peers and actively engage in activities throughout the day.


The most unique feature of Our Harmony Club is that, we are 97% run by volunteers.  Because of this, our program is filled with individuals who choose to spend their time with our clients. Not only is this experience rewarding for the volunteers, it provides an invaluable service to the guests and their families. 


Friendships and laughter.

We start out every day pairing a volunteer with a guest or two.  Most clubs have a one-on-one ratio of a volunteer to the guest, while larger clubs have a 1 to 2 ratio.   As everyone arrives, guests and volunteers chat about their lives and recent events around the tables.  We also will do crafts or word searches and puzzles. In the late morning, as an entire group, we get into a social circle where we will play games like bean bags, or boccie ball, or participate in volunteer-led light exercises. At noon, we enjoy a homemade lunch and dessert that is prepared by our volunteers. The hour following lunch includes entertainment.  This time can include anything from squeezebox and piano players to dog agility performances to Irish dancers. Following the entertainment, we gather around tables to enjoy board games and have a refreshment.  The day ends as caregivers arrive to pick up their loved ones.

By using this link please be aware of a recurring monthly donation using PayPal

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You may also donate by sending a check to:

Our Harmony Club

P.O. Box 457

Sturtevant, WI  53177

PO Box #457 Sturtevant, WI 53177

PHONE: (262) 880-5301

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